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AAE Success Story

A Winning Virtual Speaker Lineup For Pendo's Annual User Conference Event

“We were glad to book speakers we normally wouldn’t have been able to have.”
Erin Wilkinson, Field Marketing Manager at Pendo
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Pendo hosts an annual user conference for Pendo customers and prospects, product managers, UX, and customer success professionals.

Pendo is a platform that accelerates successful product adoption. Pendo customers include the world’s leading software companies and digital enterprises, including Verizon, LabCorp, BMC, Coupa, Okta, Salesforce, and Zendesk.

The Challenge

Since this annual conference historically took place in person, Pendo had to transform what was traditionally a live event into a virtual event. The additional challenge was finding the right virtual platform for 1000+ attendees.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Nina Krstic
Linda Kozlowski

Speakers Booked:
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Highest-Scoring NBA Player in History & Cancer Survivor

Nina Krstic
Award Winning Director & Producer

Linda Kozlowski
President & CEO of Blue Apron

AAE's Approach

While Pendo focused on pivoting their annual user conference to a virtual format, AAE's Jasmine Mansfield began the search to find several speakers that would resonate with their attendees. In the early months of the pandemic, many speakers offered sizeable discounted speaking fees for virtual events, making some speakers who typically might be out of budget range become accessible through virtual events. Because of this, Pendo had access to speakers they might not normally have been budgeted to book in person.

Once the speakers were booked for Pendo's event, AAE's Director of Logistics Edie Boan, DES, ensured that both the client and the talent were in great care. She worked with each speaker to do a test run of their virtual presentation to make sure that the main event went off without a hitch. 

Both Jasmine and Edie contributed to this event's ultimate success by being a true partner to Pendo during this process, and by demonstrating the importance of a customized service experience when booking speakers for an event.

"AAE was easy to work with – I could just message Jasmine directly and she helped a ton with speaker availability and cost. Edie did test runs to ensure a smooth event on the day."
Erin Wilkinson, Field Marketing Manager at Pendo

The Results

  • The client rated their service experience 5/5 for meeting their expectations.

  • Pendo also shared that they had a great experience with the speakers they booked and that they were glad to have high-profile speakers that normally would have been out of budget or restricted by travel and busy schedules.

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