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From April through June of 2020, we teamed up with the culture experts at Delivering Happiness to bring you a webinar series to help inspire, educate, and entertain.

At AAE, we know a lot about finding great speakers, and we share a few of them with you this webinar series. As you watch these webinar recordings, you'll meet people who have turned adversity into action and who inspire those around them. We share tips and ideas for managing digital overload while staying connected and discuss what this time has taught us about ourselves and what new habits we've gained that will stick with us even after we resume our normal daily lives.

Take a sneak peek at the sessions here:

Inspiring Stories from the Front Lines 

Featuring Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness, and Margo Dunnigan, COO of All American Entertainment   

Now more than ever, the world needs heroes. We'll share our favorite uplifting stories that show the true meaning of determination and the unbreakable human spirit. You'll meet people who exemplify what humanity means during this challenging period.

Physically Distant but Digitally Connected

Featuring Sunny Grosso, Culture Coach from Delivering Happiness, and Margo Dunnigan, COO of All American Entertainment, with special guest Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google 

Social distancing is now a household term. Yet, being socially distant does not mean isolated. How do we balance our desire for connection with others while trying to stay calm (and home-bound) during a national crisis?  We'll discuss tips for maintaining meaningful connections that improve your mood, and also when to know it's time for a technology "time-out."

Back to Normal, Better Than Ever Before

Featuring Carlos Piera, CEO of Delivering Happiness Spain, and Margo Dunnigan, COO of All American Entertainment, with special guest Scott Hamilton, Olympic Gold Medalist and Cancer Survivor 

While this period in time feels like it might not ever end, it eventually will. How do we prepare for the future and move forward with our lives, both personally and professionally? We'll discuss ways to reflect on new habits we've gained so we can become better than ever before.

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