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December 2020


“This compelling book is a roadmap to learning how to thrive in a new context. Regardless of your starting point, applying these insights will help you navigate your new work-from-home world with less stress and more resilience.”  
- ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, CEO of Thrive Global and cofounder, Huffington Post 


Karen Mangia is the VP of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce. She recently released her latest book Working From Home: Making the New Normal Work For You.

Meet Karen

Why We Picked "Working From Home: Making the New Normal  Work For You"

Offices are carefully planned work environments that emphasize focus and productivity. When we shift to remote roles, not only do we lose the benefit of meeting in person, we lose that emphasis and find ourselves isolated in spaces that might invite us to distraction. The first step to successfully working from home is to create an environment where you will thrive professionally. This book provides readers with sound advice on how to set up a virtual office, claim that work-from-home space, and begin remotely connecting with colleagues on a regular schedule.

Working from Home:  Making the New Normal Work for You provides readers with a detailed strategy on how to turn working from home into a powerful career choice. Author and Salesforce executive Karen Mangia teaches readers how to:   

- Build the future of work in any kind of space: ideas for your home office that fit anywhere 

- Create personalized time management routines designed specifically for remote productivity, impact, and balance—even while wearing your sweatpants 

- Deal with Zoom fatigue, burnout, and isolation, via untapped new strategies for connection and team-building, even when the team is remote 

- Discover how to deliver powerful virtual presentations and build career impact online, with expert communication strategies designed for an online world 

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"Less stress, more impact: for everyone working from home, this book is a must-read. Entrepreneurs, executives, managers: elevate your career, no matter where your office is. This book will show you how."
―DORIE CLARK, author of Reinventing You and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

About the Author

Karen Mangia is Vice President, Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce, where she engages current and future customers around the world to discover new ways of creating success and growth together. She has been featured in Forbes and regularly writes for the over 42,000+ employees of Salesforce―an ecosystem that reaches over 3 million people worldwide.

"Time to move beyond mantras and self-awareness: Karen's book focuses on personal and professional success. How you show up rather than where you show up for work will change your life, your team's life, and help your organization achieve its full potential."
―RAY WANG, Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman, Constellation Research
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